Silly Bio

Yup that's me, mud and all!

Short Bio: 

Angela was born in Virginia, raised in Central Florida and is now living in beautiful North Carolina.  She enjoys writing, reading, eating, baking, cycling, and lots of other cool stuff-see below. She is absolutely positive that adventure is always just around the corner!  She is quite sure that a world without books or stories would be a dull one indeed.

Long list of facts:

Her sidekicks: 
  1. A little silly man who dances on her head and goes by the name of Chili Chilito. He's a bit like Rumpelstiltskin--demanding, clever, but quite stubborn and naughty (for example, eating dessert before dinner).  
  2. One Fabulous Husband and two kiddos caught up in all her silly mess and wonder--such is life.
She believes it is important to know your roots--what and where we came from; every wiggle, every waggle--in order to understand who we are and where we are going. 

Mad Skills: 
  1. Blowing soda pop (any drink) into Bubble Yum or Bubblicious Bubble Gum. 
  2. Cycling=tons of FUN!
  3. Carrying loads of books home from the library.
First Writing:
  1. Stories written during Elementary School.  I still have them! 
  2. A neighborhood newsletter lovingly titled, "The Daily Carpet," alas it was short lived but chock full of hilarious short stories which she wrote with friends. This was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship with writing. 
Grew up around: 
  1. Plenty of gigglers--parents, two siblings, and...
  2.  A bunch of zany, witty friends.
Can be found:  
  1. Giggling in the middle of the night with loved ones, split sides and all
  2. Writing, writing, writing. Oh, and reading.
  3. Spending time with familia
  4. Cycling with friends
Favorite things: 
  1. Her own homemade Fruit Tarts
  2.  Horchata, Hot cocoa, and Champurrado
  3.  Her mom's tamales  and tortillas
  4.  Raisinets and Pull and Peel Twizzlers
  5. Embroidery
  6. Flan and  Tres Leches cake. 
  7.  Dancing, playing in the rain, the beach
  8. Movies
  9. PB, YA, MG and yes...poetry. 

Literary Crushes (not in this particular order):
  1. Peter Pan: much too much fun, everyone loves his kind of mischief! 
  2. Mr. Darcy: Wit! I love wit! Never a bore here.
  3. Yes, I must include sparkling Edward. Duh! (Sparkling! Need I say more!?)
  4. Jesse Tuck from Tuck Everlasting. Eternal. Whew! knocked the wind out of me.
  5. Legolas (so whimsical) and Arrogon (loyal)
  6. Heathcliff (So stubborn and set on desire, one passionate masculine guy)
  7. Zorro. Who doesn't love this do-gooder who always escapes the bad guys?
  8. Don Juan de Marco (Que romantica? Yes!)
  9. Montresor of The Cask of Amontillado (he might be deranged and seeking revenge but gosh...he's the guy to go to if you want revenge. He'll do you a clever one). Poe sure knows his twisted dark side well. It's no wonder he aced this one. 
  10. Dantes from the Count of Monte Cristo: Gosh he is intelligent, loving (in the loyal passionate sense but poor thing turns bitter), and honest guy. Every one loves a guy who can rise from the dust, too bad he did it for revenge. 
...there are so many many more! I'll spare you. 

bsolutely loves the beach and traveling to fun, interesting, and beautiful places! The quirkier the better! 

She is a wife to one, mother to two, and loves it--messes, chaos, and all! If it were up to her, she would write most of the day and play the rest of it; being a mom, she gets to do a bit of both, among other silly things. 

She credits her mother, Ana Peña McGinnis,  for her flare for learning and an insatiable love for books. Can you guess where she got her nom de plume? 

About research: research anything and everything--because it is the biggest adventure you will encounter--plenty of twists, turns and often many strange delights. 
She has always loved writing but it didn't occur to her that she should write children's books until she had children of her own. So now she is bulldozing (okay it's not really bulldozing, more like a slow exhausting flap and flutter) her way to publication (with a little bit of pixie dust in hand) least that's the goal--to make magical things happen through her writing. 

Que Sera Sera! Ciao, Adios, See you around!


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