Friday, April 30, 2010

Fanatic Friday

It's been a busy day in Neverland. We had the luxury of lounging around a pile of books fit for a king! Now I must say not one of them was dull. No. We were tackled with inspiration. Yes, it flew off the pages. Anything can happen right? Inspiration is quite the funny thing and I often find it in another book not to mention all around me. Consequently this blog of mine suffers while I put the next book together. You can't blame me for my aspirations. Like I said, the inspiration flew off the page. I had to go catch it--slippery thing of a shadow I'll say. So forgive me. I meant no harm dear blog and reader. I hope by the hook of my next creation you'll understand.

On another note, I am still debating how much of a MS I should post on here considering they are sometimes below the 500 word mark. Who could object right? Opinions anyone? Thoughts?

Forever yours,


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bloomability Thursday

"Like a map maker a writer must select and omit details, orient and move a reader, and navigate their own biases when writing."--Bryan Winzer commenting on the book, Maps of the Imagination: The Writer As Cartographer.

If that is true then this book is next on my reading list right along with,  Anatomy of Criticscism by Hermon Northrop Frye.  Frye wrote that literature is , "the place where our imaginations find the ideal that they try to pass on to belief and action, where they find the vision which is the source of both the dignity and the joy of life."   

Why would  I read all this? I figure if I want to bloom as a writer I might as well unlock the "why and how" and the "what tickles my audiences imagination and mind" doors.  Then there is always this one simple quote to sum it all up considering it puts all the rest down the drain because it involves passion and drive:

 "Write something to suit yourself and many people will like it; write something to suit everybody and scarcely anybody will care for it."--Jesse Stuart

 Don't miss it! Don't whimper. Don't sulk; avoid petulance with your own writing--there is no room for it. Seek your aspirations and endeavor to do well.  Bloomability is just around your corner!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Woeful Workshop Wednesday

I just must repost this fabulous jewel of information. I just cannot let it slip by! Thank you to kidlit for this post titled: 

A situation is not a plot

Here are some snippets from the post: 

"A meaty situation or a controversial issue do not a fully fleshed-out manuscript make. It’s not enough. Lots of the most successful “issue books” or books where the character is in a bad situation keep these things in their back pockets but then evolve and build upon these issues or situations with a very rigorous plot.

Keep this in mind when you’re thinking about your book. In today’s market, where editors like to see layers upon layers of conflict, having just a situation in  your story, not a plot, isn’t enough. It’s a very important distinction."

To see the full post visit 

Take a moment to ask yourself if your plot can stand up on its own. Is it a sturdy plot or is it just simply a situation?

Tinker with Tools Tuesday

Mr. Edward Magorium: "Unlikely adventures require unlikely tools."

When all else fails me  in writing I usually do something silly like watch Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium or  maybe I'll get down into the nit and grit of kid life and laugh at the silly things my kids do. Maybe I'll even jump on some bubble wrap. That always helps. Here are a few things to read after all the silly is out of your system and there is still hope:

On Writing by Stephen King
Pocket Keys for Writers -Ann Raimes
Elements of style -E.B. White
The Art of Fiction-John Gardner
Zen in the Art of Writing-Ray Bradbury
Self Editing for Fiction Writers-Rennie Browne, Dave King
On Becoming a Novelist-John Gardner
Politics and the English Language-George Orwell
Bird by Bird-Anne Lamont
Putting Your Passion Into Print-Arielle Eckstut, David Sterry

Monday, April 26, 2010

Masterpiece Monday

The proof that I can write it all, have fun while I write it, and keep the passion alive even amidst the everyday chaos of being a mother:

This ain't no moonshine*!

With so many things to write and so little time to write them in, I find my vision clouded. It is one thing to sit serenely at the computer or outside in perfect weather and type words to my hearts content. It is another thing to be doing it while also juggling the professions of, caretaker of two, chef to three, housekeeper, guardian of all things called toys, and mediator for two tumbling tykes who have no concern for the penned word quite yet. Do all this with brevity while carrying a dash of civility, grace, and all the indigestible parts of life right along with you, not to mention the skill of multitasking and you will have conjured up an experience similar to that of a  funambulator* experiencing a midlife crisis, but because you are far more clever than that you will instead find yourself scrupulously reading this wonderfully written book below. Before you know it a refreshing idea will  bloom betwixt and between the words on the pages or the beautiful illustrations that are full of detail and an abundance of curiously keen creatures.

another good hit

*moonshine-foolish talk and thought
*According to a funambulator is,  "a tight rope walker with a big 'bootay' often causing them to tip over and fall to their death." 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bloomability Thursday

Every author has the opportunity for bloomability, because writing always creates many possibilities. Thursdays post is dedicated to all those who felt at one time or another that they just couldn't figure the writing out, or the mysterious and daunting publishing world. It is for those who seek improvement continually. Here is a wonderful children's book that might motivate you in the process. Even when we think something has already been done or there is no use for something....think again. Pull that rusty dusty element out and use it, because it is the best kind of surprise, the best twist we will ever encounter. So if you are hopelessly depressed and in the writing slums, this book is for you. Motivation is just around the corner, so hang on to your pen!


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