Saturday, August 28, 2010

English Muffin Caper

 I am having an uber fun and busy weekend so far! It's smothered with one lovely campout, several delicious smores, 2 chili-smothered hotdogs, and stickiness galore. So when I got back from said camp out I ventured

To mimic this:

On this:

Because on top of, and behind it all, is Saturday who always has something to say. Yes, I know it's late but Saturday will not be stopped!

So basically I failed and the two never merged for lack of ingredients...AKA frosting. Heck! I just wanted to see if the real thing measured up to its hype! I never found out. So without further ado, or much ado about nothing, I introduce:

A Breakfast Exchange with Saturday:

 "Mom, are these called Indian muffins?" "Huh? Oh... no, those are English muffins." :)

If you have any questions on any of the above mentioned you may want to meet the marks to clarify it all.

Before I jet though, might I suggest we introduce another manifesto to our day, say toss this in while at it. Your kid will get kicks out of it I promise! Now I'm off to go beat on my own drum.

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