Thursday, November 3, 2011

Triumph over Rejection(s)

Getting rejections is NEVER easy, but fight through it you must. I found this piece of inspiration just now (after a rough night of doubt) and it is brilliant! I'll never forget it because it is helping me push through at this very moment. It is helping me fight the doubt. It is reminding me to never give up. I'll find that special agent. I'll find that publisher. I'll find that magical moment where I've worked through the muck and the dirt--all the hard work--to find that my writing has reached an "aha!" moment. Go the link will do loads of good...

"...and your work will be as good as your AMBITIONS."

Go on!


  1. I have all this to come, but keep reading great posts like this to try and prepare myself ;)

  2. That's the just have to never give up! Great post. :D


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