Sunday, June 27, 2010

Masterpiece Monday: Wacky Wonders and Quirky Adventures Never Felt Better

Altoona Baboona left the library  for a ride in my car-a.
Found her way into the hands of my children and lounged in my living room-a,
Until I picked her up, and read her through and through-a.
Happily delighted she shared her afternoon-a.
Then off we went to stare at the moon-a.
To see what the hoot was all about, with Altoona Baboona.

See how fun that was!

Thanks Janie Bynum for this happy reading!

Haven't you ever wanted to float? Be a princess? Well in this tale where the two come colliding together you can imagine both adventures at once! The Illustrations are just divine--detail aplenty! Lane Smith and Florence Parry Heide team up to make this princess soar to the sky. Princess Hyacinth is one I'm sure to buy!

Bruna, a story about a girl who is beyond cold and her adventure to warmth is one book I thought was quite clever. I never expected it to end the way it did and the illustrations are adorable--exactly as they should be for a story like this one.

Suzanne Marie Sabine Chicot Thibodeaux ain't no ordinary girl, so upon reading her tale, I couldn't help but love this Louisiana swamp story filled with unlikely adventure and an unexpected reptilian family that is sure to win your heart over. I can't get over how playful the narration is. Now you won't mind if I skip on over and join their swamp party now will ya? I have to thank Sharon Arms Doucet for arranging this little meet and greet I won't soon forget--a frolicky swamp adventure packed with blazing Louisiana punch. Pick up Alligator Sue today!

The Sandwich Swap is a lovely story about two forever friends who encounter quite an unusual yuck versus yum situation. With their differences come courage and a journey to understand. Besides who wouldn't want to read a story written by Queen Rania of Jordan (with Kelly DiPucchio) anyway? We can each be "a little ambassador of hope," says Queen Rania.

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