Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Woeful Workshop Wednesday: Expert Addiction

This sounds much better if you give us all  foreign accents!

Googly Eyes: Who goes there?

Stranger One: "Who?"

Stranger Two: "Lady Knows A Lot."

Saturday: "Knows a lot about what?" Can't be having competition on my corner of the block!"

Googly Eyes: "Says who?"

Saturday: "Says I!"

Googly Eyes: "Oh stuff it! Expertness is excellence in a royal robe--the stuff authors need oodles of."

Saturday: Oh, jibbity ibbity! Pirates and Plato! Socrates is laughing now. Nonsense. Anybody can look it up in a book  nowadays. What else do we have dictionaries and reference books for? Googling?

Googly Eyes: "Oh that's just to pass the time and procrastinate." We authors have oodles of that too--time, all of it relative. Ask Einstein. Another expert!

Saturday: "Oh cuttlefish!" Spit it out already. We're all waiting for another fabulous list of yours--lots of time and all!"

Googly Eyes: Oh all right, since you won't be googling it. Fancy a list? Okay, really only just number one, for now."

Numero Uno!

Oodles of medical mania. Take a number. Get in line. No really, she's kind!

Body Language...75% of what we say. Yup! Something like that.


Coroner Stories: Real Crime Science

A Human Face

FBI for Writers

Measuring Money of the Past

Experts Desk. They are Everywhere!

Pop back later for numero nueve!

Or...beat me to numero nueve, by adding to the list with your comments.

Does too much Googling lead to goodly eyes? Let's find out.

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  1. I google/ yahoo all the info I ever need. I honestly don't know how I got along without it!


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