Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Woeful Wednesday: Workshop is a Wonder

Yes, I'm in the workshop. Yes, I don't know where to begin. No, I don't have a short list of things to do. It is long, ever so long. Today is a day where I wish I had a double to do all my stunts. Wish me luck!

Queries galore
Ponder the meaning of life....ha ha. I already have the answer I fear.
Write until my fingers fall off and my brain turns to JELL-O syrup.
Clean house...okay maybe not.
One Critique, coming up. Wait...where did my critique group run off to?
Contest, what contest? Oh! Whew such fleeting things, like butterflies wings...just a bit of nervousness there.
Wipe messy, sticky faces up from PB & Honey sandwiches. What? I already did that? Ah yes. Gracias!
Fifteen Minutes of exercise, ONLY fifteen today.
Make gourmet lunch and dinner. Wait I don't know that word. Gourmet? Chef! Where are you?! Oh yes, that would be me!
Teach children importance of fine literature and absolutely rip-roaringly funny and quirky picture books and all about the pen being mightier than the sword and such. Ouch! Told ya!
Seek lost muse...has she run off again. Really! I must say, as flighty as Mary Poppins. Traitor!
Eeeny Meeny Miney or Mo....Which book to edit? I don't know! Begin another I suppose?
Seek out agents. Refrain from picking nose. Really let's not pick our nose, not even in the name of research please. LOL. Ha ha. I had to tease you. Speechless are you? Feeling like a mime in a rut? Clearly,  I'm having too much fun with this list.

Ah the life of a writer! That's how I roll. How about you? What is your day bound for? Any leaps? Any Luck?

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