Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Swapped for Tools

Know Thy Setting: Location, Location People!

As you all know, today in Neverland it is Tuesday. For reals! Yesterday we took a stab at Wednesday's workshop instead. IT was fun. It was delightful. It made my mind go into overload, but a good kind of overload. I did expend much effort, and then I put all my faculties to rest by 1 AM only to wake this morning around 9 AM thinking, "What are you doing! You can't sleep in. You have children!" Yes, somehow my children allowed me to slumber. Such a foreign word! I think DH must have warned them, threatened even....okay I'm just kidding about the threat. Ha ha. I really don't know, but it was magical. Magical at our house is usually breakfast, accompanied by a BIC (butt in chair syndrome) event  next to the computer. It was not so this morning. Instead I happily sat butt in couch and watched shows from my DVR. Yes, I did. While watching, the screen flashed with a message about a thunderstorm. To my complete and utter surprise they were advising everyone to avoid going outside--"remain indoors". Now you must understand, I am from Florida, lightning storm capital of the world, okay well at least the nation. In Florida we venture out into lightning storms. We run errands in them and half the time without umbrellas or rain boots. I remember my sister and I peeking out the door during a hurricane, a BIG no no if you will. EEK! You get the idea. Now with that put to the side let me just say that it helps to know about these things when writing. It helps to know the local situation and reaction. Moving from FL has really made me more aware of this. Little did I know that here in NC, when there is a snowstorm warning, people rush out to the store to buy milk, bread and eggs. I knew so little! It was hilarious to me because, a snow storm to me is no where near the equivalent of a hurricane when it comes to danger. Little did I know that pollen, little tiny particles of pollen, can physically attack you and your car--you might as well be in a Kill Bill fight scene! IT was insanely funny to me, but knowing these things is IMPORTANT in helping a reader believe they really are where they are in your story. Never forget it. I jest not!

What are some things you learned about the place you moved to or now live that are just surreal and hilarious to you? Let's see how different we look at things. REALLY! You can even use satire. I support the facetious arts. Promise!


  1. Hi Angela! Thanks for following my blog and your very nice comment about my TH. Mafi story. I love it when the ideas just hit you all at

    I live in Texas and have for a very long time but I still remember when I first came here...the bugs were really scary. You know how they say everything is bigger in Texas? I'm sure they meant the bugs.

    BTW: North Carolina rocks! I have been to Winston-Salem for work and it was beautiful!

  2. Your welcome! I still need to post my entry. holding onto it one more day won't hurt right? Ha ha. NC IS beautiful! Funny thing with the bugs. In FL it is the same way (add in gators, lots of snakes, mosquitoes and fire ants) and yeah, I know what you mean about the big bugs.

  3. Good stuff, Ange~ I'm not so far from home on the AL Gulf Coast--Baton Rouge native--but it's funny the NAMES here... I'm not convinced they're not all made up (see current post). But I'm with you re: peeking out during the hurricane. Katrina was the only one we didn't evacuate for (where to go?), and I kept trying to peek out. Only to be severely scolded by hubby. Your writing is super cute.
    All the best~ :o) ltm


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